A-list Petsitting LLC Mission statement

A-list Petsitting caters to the needs of clients who put their pets first, your pet is our A-LIST CLIENT!

This team understands how valuable pets are to your life; we provide a safe haven for your four legged children. While in our care at your own home, the environment provided is one of tranquility, coupled with a fun filled experience that helps pets relax while you are away.  Our overarching goal is to care for pets, provide exercise, and help educate others to be kind and to treat animals with love in a humane manner.

We cater to clients who expect top-notch service.  Caring for your pet is provided by trained professionals, who can step in as a fist line of defense in any circumstance.  ALL staff are CPR and First Aid certified to ensure the utmost safety!

A-List is here for you and your beloved pet when you are not able to be physically present. Teamwork is our key to success; each and every pet giver is willing and ready to step in for another, all of us are insured and bonded.

Our love of animals is why we provide exceptional care – each pet is treated with TLC!  We realize that no two pets are the same, and acknowledge and embrace this fact!

Quite simply, your pets are cared for, the way you want them to be cared for.  We do not do group walks, only your pets are walked together per your request.  They are NEVER left unattended, our concept is the same as compared to caring for children: we don’t let strangers approach to maintain safety, nor other unknown canines.  We strive to avoid any kind of negative incident(s).

Pets are NEVER yelled at or punished, only positive reinforcement is used. Your trust is never taken for granted and spot checks are done periodically to ensure all protocol is followed. Your furry child is respected and given their space, no forced interaction, we pride ourselves in allowing pets to invite us in!

Educating and encouraging the humane treatment of animals is of the

utmost importance to our company.  We strive to help adults and children learn about properly caring for their beloved pets!