Reviews from Real Customers

I have been using A-List Pet Sitting Service and Nanny Roe for six months now. Roe is always on time,

caring for my Chihuahua Little G she treats him like her own and he ADORES her.

Her organization and team are of the highest integrity and quality they are professional at all times. I known my Little G is always safe and in great hands.

I highly recommend this company and give them a FIVE STAR RATING!!!!!!.

Thanks Nanny Roe we love you! TWO PAWS UP!!!

Bonnie and Little G





“When my husband became ill, Roe took care of my dogs Molly and Toby so I could spend every minute at the hospital with him.  Taking care of an energetic young Irish setter and an old terrier with dementia was not easy, but Roe was up to the challenge.  She is knowledgeable, trustworthy and pays attention to every detail.  Because of her, I could spend time with my husband without worrying about my pets.  Thank you Roe
Eilleen H
I’ve known Tony for over twenty years now.  He has always been honest, reliable, earnest, and trustworthy.  Over the years he has taken care of three of my dogs. Most recently he was pet sitting for me for almost a month while I was away in Asia. My current dog is a rescue Terrier mix , Shiloh, who is very difficult.  He is very slow to trust, has separation anxiety, and is a TERRIBLE eater (he goes on hunger strike as soon as he feels the slightest anxiety).  Not only did Tony get my little mutt to eat daily, but Shiloh totally thrived!!!!!
Tony has a great energy with animals, he understands them and they understand him.


Olga Shaposhnikov

I would like to thank you guys for taking such good care of my Lil guy Clip. I travel a lot and sadly,I have to leave him in the care of others. I have had some horrible experiences with other companies.  I have even considered getting him some doggy therapy to help undo the trauma they caused.
Usually ,when I pick him up and he starts crying ,it’s because he wants to leave ASAP. This time ,when he started  crying ,it’s the because he didn’t want to leave and even ran back to you. You have no idea how happy ( even jealous) it made me. You have made a lifelong friend & customer.
Thank you again and yes, I will be referring  your team to EVERYONE .
Rob and Clip

I have a 14 year old dog named Allie. While visiting family in New York over holiday break I was turned onto A list pet sitting. While we were in the city most of the trip, we took a day to go up state. Allie gets exhausted with traveling. We were taking a plane two days later, so I opted to use a pet service to watch her for the day. She has tones of energy and unfortunately being up in age has daily medication. A list pet sitting was not only accommodating to her energy by taking her on walks and to the dog park, they even administered her meds with no problem. Allie gave them an A+ and so do I. Thanks again for taking care of my baby. I will use no other pet service when I return.






Tony B.

“I usually do not feel compelled to write a review about anything unless I consider the service to be above and beyond the norm. I can say without hesitation that Roe exceeded every expectation I had. She is polite, trustworthy, caring, and very professional. Part of me is sad that she’s not still watching my pets because I kind of still want her around. She not only followed the directions I gave her but she also took it upon herself to do the little things around my apartment that need attention during a week long trip — things I completely forgot about. You won’t be disappointed by her service. As I expressed to Roe directly, she’s an awesome person and hope I can use her again in the future. My cats already miss her.”




Lisa H.

Need Cat sitter

“Roe is awesome! The best cat sitter I have ever had!!! My babies love her! She is affordable and flexible. She cared for my diabetic cat and we were able to work out a deal where she came and gave him his shots twice a day AND spent the night with them. They weren’t even a bit traumatized by my absence this time! Roe genuinely loves animals and even helped me solve a litter box issue. I have used cat sitters for over 20 years and Roe is, hands down, the absolute best!”

October 11,2015


Marissa S.

Need Cat sitter

“Roe was responsive, punctual, friendly, and went above and beyond the service requested of her. All I needed was someone to spend a little time with my kitty while I was gone, but when I got back, it was like coming home to a brand new apartment! Everything was clean and organized better than I could have done myself. I will definitely be using her services again!”

October 12, 2015

Sam V.

Need Cat Sitting

“Roe did a great job! She was very professional and caring for my cats. She went above and beyond what I asked for, which was really nice. Will definitely use her again in the future!”

December 3, 2015


I was in NYC on vacation last month and brought my 7 year old Shih Tzu, Harper, with me. He suffers from severe anxiety and leaving him behind was not an option. A friend recommended AListPetSitting to watch Harper so that I could enjoy the city (go to dinners, shop, see shows and sightsee). The staff at AListPetSitting was absolutely phenomenal. My pet was adequately walked, fed, watched and played with. They kept me informed with what he was doing throughout the day and even gave great recommendations to help ease his stress. I’m always weary of pet sitting services and leaving Harper with strangers but the team at AListPetSitting made me feel at ease. The staff truly loves animals and goes above and beyond to make sure you and your pet have a memorable experience. I highly recommend this company and will definitely use them again. I never post reviews but this I just had to share.

Kind regards,

Rosie Havard
Senior Account Executive
Beacon Hill Financial


 I was VERY pleased with A-list Pet sitting! Their team was professional and on point, and I had a great team member, named Vanessa.
She walked my labs and stayed for a week at my home, while I was away on vacation, taking care of my cat, Louie, as well. Louie requires medication in his cat food and one of my labs needed ear drops towards the beginning of my trip and Vanessa did a great job!
Both my labs have a special dog treat for their diet and Louie has to be fed in a different section of the kitchen, or he will try to eat the dogs’ treats!
Vanessa understood this and developed a good relationship with all 3 of my pets, while staying the entire week in my home, they obeyed her with no problem!
I love that A-list has an insured team and all are CPR certified on top of having such a natural love for animals.
I will DEFINITELY use this team from now on!
Marina Cerda (
It is not easy having and living with a chronic disease. As I head into my fourth surgery next month, one of the many restrictions I’ve had to adhere to…one of the things that I feel has been more or less stripped away from me is the simple ability to walk the love of my life – my barreling, silly, husky Labrador mix. While nothing is more special to me than my dog Melly and my cat Harley, Melly is a good 70lb and once in a while she’ll go nuts at something (whether it be a squirrel or another dog) and it’s these times where her strength can overtake me and seriously physically hurt me. I began being able to walk Melly less and less, jumping from dog-walker to dog-walker simply because companies would have such a rapid turn around of employees. There was no stability, no care beyond the job itself, and there were constantly strangers in my home. This is when one night, in a panic because our dog-walker suddenly left the company after only being with us two nights, my fiancé who currently lives across the world, did a frantic search and found Roe. I honestly didn’t have high expectations, simply because of all the shenanigans going on with previous walkers and companies. My fiancé reached out to Roe at almost 9pm (US time) and she stepped up to the call and squeezed us in the very next morning even though she had another job to attend to shortly after. She’d gotten up early because she genuinely wanted to help. Roe has been the most stable, most caring person in the world, taking care of not only Melly, but also Harley and myself. Melly loves Roe, and if she isn’t able to make it (2x 7 days a week is A LOT!), she’ll always introduce me to the member of her team who will be coming in her place. Roe never hires random strangers – she takes so much pride in her company and will only hire those who she knows well and she knows are qualified. Everyone is insured, everyone knows how to handle pets that need medical care – she does not discriminate on your dog’s breed or size whatsoever. While I’m ill, it is difficult to bend to the point where it takes a lot out of me to be able to bend down and feed both Harley and Melly WITH a raised feeder. Roe makes sure that Melly gets a fantastic amount of exercise, even going out of her normal schedule to stop by and check on all of us when she has a break in the day. She has gone completely above and beyond; she has amazing communication, always letting me know when she’ll be coming and is super respectful of privacy even though I feel entirely trustful and comfortable with her coming into my home at any time of day. Roe helps with Melly’s medication for her ears every single day. I can hear her talking to Melly and Harley as I drift off to sleep early, and I know how much she loves them both. I know I am missing things simply because there’s not enough words to describe how wonderful Roe is and how truly grateful I am. As I battle this illness, people like Roe make it so much easier for me, whether it’s being there for Melly and Harley or bringing up a package for me from the mailroom. My fiancé, my kitty cat, my Melly Belly Lemon Jelly adore her and if this doesn’t show it enough, Melly’s face at the end of every walk with Roe does. 
Jacquie Lew

There are not enough words in the English language to describe how amazing Roe is. She is extremely committed and passionate about her job.

She was able to get my sick, four-month-old, golden Retriever his medicine, that I couldn’t get him to take.
She is very experienced and provides your pet with the best possible care. My puppy fell in love with her instantly and was sad to see her go.
I couldn’t imagine leaving my puppy with anyone else, but Roe.
She texted me pictures with updates regularly, made me feel even more comfortable leaving my puppy. She was very flexible and able to dog walk/sit around my hectic schedule.
Don’t think twice before hiring her! You won’t find a more capable pet sitter!
Swati A. Oct. 11, 2016